• The Cruz Racing office and gaming chair is the perfect chair to race through a day of work or game in comfort and style. The ideal gift for any motoring enthusiast.
  • Exceptional design combined with high quality materials and superior workmanship will make your work desk an adventure playground.
  • Sumptuous high quality faux leather, together with stitched details really makes it look the part. There is even an air vent on the backrest to symbolise engine vents found on sports cars.
  • These chairs have a lift, tilt, recline and rocker mechanism. This chair can be adjusted to the required height, Armrest can be lifted up if you need them out of the way. You can even leave the Tilt/recliner unlocked and use the chair as a rocking chair.
  • These chairs are built with quality in mind and will last you for years. Suitable for home office use.

Racing car style seating, comfort and sophistication, the enjoyable seating solution.

The Cruz Office Chair puts the feel of racing directly onto your desk, whether at home or in your office. Sports seat office chairs look like racing car seats on wheels. They appear sporty, futuristic, and are still functional. Cruz is a designer piece with lush upholstery, comfortable tilt back mechanism in beautiful colours. Seating pleasure, visually appealing. There is even an air vent on the backrest to symbolise engine vents found on sports cars.

With ergonomic design, adjustable padded armrests, adjustable height, 360 degree swivel motion and tilt/rocking action you can get your perfect working or gaming position.

Height: 117 ~ 126 cm

Width: 68 cm

Depth: 53 cm

Seat Height: 48 ~ 57 cm

Seat Depth: 48 cm

Seat Width: 51 cm

Backrest Height: 74cm

Backrest Width: 51 cm

Lowest Price: £64.99
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