Infinity Evoke Classic Black Zero-Gravity Massage Chair

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Infinity Evoke Classic Black Zero-Gravity Massage Chair.

Authorized dealer-warranty is valid.

The Infinity Evoke Massage Chair brings tons of features to affordability. Based on the very popular Escape, the Evoke brings the same features, but with a S Track design and at a cheaper price. The S-Track allows the massage rollers to follow the curvature of your spine. The Evoke is a deep pressure massage chair. If you are looking for a good deep tissue massage, the Evoke may be right for you.

Zero Gravity Recline
NASA inspired Zero Gravity recline will reduce the compression along your spine and give your relief in your joins. Experience the benefits of Zero Gravity as the Infinity Evoke massage chair reclines back and the ottoman raises up to about your heart level. This is where a massage chair can out perform a traditional masseuse.

Space Saving Technology
Infinity has incorporated a space saving technology in the Evoke so that you are able to fit the massage chair into smaller rooms. Less space is needed behind the massage chair while you recline or go into the zero gravity position. As the chair recline, it also slides forward.

Spinal Correction
And advanced upper body airbag system allows for a firm shoulder retraction that works with the lower waist airbags to grip and stretch. These movements are performed at the same time as the massage roller moves up and down the spine along with the side to side swaying of the waist airbags which helps to align the spine.

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