HealthPanion Set of 1 Authentic Hand Held Neck, Foot, Calf, Leg, Shoulder and Waist Massager Acupressure Roller Stick For Muscle Tension Relief And Fitness

  • Cudgel sections with spiked balls allow users to massage muscles along the arms, waist and legs to stimulate tissues and also promote blood flow to tired, sore muscles
  • Nodules for deeper massage . Ergonomic gripping handles
  • Ideal for people with busy, high pressure work schedules and fitness enthusiasts
  • Made from high quality and durable AB TPR. Length: 40cm
  • Set of 1

People living under high pressure working conditions and those looking to reduce fatigue and ease stiffness from arms, shoulders, waist and leg muscles, this is a very ideal cudgel massaging tool that will help them achieve maximum muscle flexibility and relieve stress from the body. This cudgel massage stick is great for not only relieving muscle stress and general stiffness but it also promotes good blood circulation and therefore strengthens the immune system on the whole. Because of the three section cudgel of the massage stick, the users can apply tension and power of the massage as per their needs. This stick provides deep tissue massage and makes it very convenient for help to loosen any particular tightened, sore muscle or knotted areas in the body that might be difficult to reach otherwise. The massage stick can be used on, but isn’t limited to, the neck, the arms, shoulders, hips, waist, legs and calves as well. This is an ideal product for those people whose work schedule keeps them occupied and leaves them little time for exercise and mobility.

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