ducomi® Put Your Feet Up – Mini Hammock Table and Desk for Stretching Legs with Comfort and Style – Adjustable Footrest Ideal for Office, Home and Garden (65 x 15 cm)

  • Adjustable from 20 to 45 cm rope – Hook for desk with maximum height of 6 cm
  • Robust and durable material: cotono Cypress, steel and wood – for tables with maximum length of 150 cm
  • To raise your feet and legs, promoting an alignment of back pain, posture and better ergonomics
  • Footrest to position under the desk for comfort at work
  • Instructions inside package

This hammock from the unique design replaces that chair in more that is used to support the feet, proigettata specifically for resting your feet. Snaps onto both sides of any desk with two metal clips. The rope is adjustable: 200 mm to 450 mm. Made from cotton, steel, and polyethylene. That you’re grinding numbers and working on excel, or navigate for watching the latest video on YouTube of the cat, this hammock will ensure that you both to your comfortable during all your activities.

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