Contever 7 Chakra Stone Pendant Reiki Healing Balancing Alloy insert Natural Crystal Gemstone Beads — Petal Pattern

  • Pendant Size is about: 40 * 33mm (1.57”L*1.29”W), Weight: approx 11.5g
  • 7 Chakra: Root Chakra ( Garnet), Sacral Chakra (Orange), Solar Plexus Chakra (Citrine), Heart Chakra (Peridot), Throat Chakra (Aquamarine), Third Eye Chakra (Lapis Lazuli), Crown Chakra (Amethyst)
  • Use for reiki, healing, meditation, chakra balancing, charging crystals, massage, acupuncture or ritual
  • Contever 7 colors of the Chakras pendant gives you deep sense of positive energy, peace of mind, Protection from Evil Eye or Black Magic, success in business or studies, unites family and friends
  • It is a nice gift for your lover, family, friend. Good for going party or banquet.

Introduction to Chakra:

Chakra is derived from Sanskrit language which means the wheel is a healing method for a wide variety of diseases. but to each other, Chakra symbols used as tattoos. Chakra are energy centers in the circle of the human body. Described in seven different symbols are located along the spine. Each symbol has a different function and effect.

How do Chakras affect our health?
The energy centers in our body are like pools of water allowing energy to flow from one to the next as if they were connected by a small stream. Blockages in the flow of the pools can cause distribution in the natural flow of this energy preventing our vital organs the opportunity to have access to vital life energy. Over time this energetic blockages can begin to create a disconnect between the physical and energetic body leading to the occurrence of illness or disease in organs surrounding the blockage. By removing blockages within our chakras we are able to remove blockages we maintain our optimum connection to vital life force throughout our entire physical and energetic body. This healthy connection to vital life force allows us to maintain optimum physical health and mental balance keeping us open to universal health and wisdom.

Contever 7 colors of the Chakras and Pendant gives you deep sense of positive energy, peace of mind, balance, healing, meditation, protection from evil eye or black magic, removes negative energy, success in business or studies, unites family and friends.

Package includes:
1x 7 colors Chakra

Note: Pendant only, chain not included.

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